Municipal Law News

Public Construction Projects–Avoiding Traps for the Unwary

Please joins CSTCA for its April 26th seminar and dinner meeting.  The meeting will focus on public construction issues including recent developments in independent contractor law; making sure the public owner is properly insured on public construction projects and tips for a public owner to manage problems on public construction contracts.  Our distinguished panelists for this meeting will include

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CSTCA Announces its New ListServe

Please take note that the Association’s old ListServ, hosted by UMass Boston, has been decommissioned and its new ListServ, hosted by Social Law Library, is up and running. Messages sent to will no longer be posted or distributed to others, and the members of this ListServ are advised to begin using the web address for the new ListServ –

Below are some tips to using the new ListServe:

•       To post a message to the new List, address your email to:

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CSTCA proposes to Amend Bylaws

CSTCA’s Executive Board announces that it is considering amendments to its Bylaws.  The proposed bylaw changes include amendments to the membership year, more defined duties for the Executive Director and synching the membership and fiscal years.  The amendments will be considered at CSTCA’s April meeting.  Have any questions?  Please feel free to contact CSTCA’s Executive Director, Jim Lampke at or CSTCA President Stacey Bloom at

This Old House–Everything You Wanted to Know About Historical Commissions But Were Afraid to Ask

CSTCA invites you to join us on March 14th at the historic John Adams Courthouse for our monthly dinner seminar on Historic Commissions and Districts. Generally, everyone wants to preserve historic structures, but sometimes history is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes what a developer or neighbor sees as an eyesore, another might see as a historic gem. This program will discuss the interplay between historic commissions, historic districts and demolition delay bylaws. Our panelists include

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Attorney General’s Office to add definition to Open Meeting Law Regulations

The Attorney General’s Office held a hearing on January 19th to consider further defining the term “knowingly” as it appears in the Open Meeting Law Regulations, 940 CMR 29.02. The regulation would define the term “Knowing or Knowingly” used in the Open Meeting Law.  A public body that “knowingly” violates the Open Meeting Law is subject to a $1,000 fine per violation.  CSTCA will keep its members informed about the progress of this any other new regulations.

Join us on January 26 for “Spotlight on Municipal Fees and Hot Topics in Municipal Finance Law”

CSTCA’s January dinner seminar will focus on municipal fees and municipal finance law.  Municipal lawyers are faced with the common and arcane municipal finance issues–fees v. taxes, what fees a municipality may charge, and how to collect fees that are levied.  Our distinguished panel of experts includes Assistant Attorney General Kelli Gunagan the AGO’s Bylaw coordinator; DOR’s Municipal Finance Bureau Chief Kathleen Colleary; and Attleboro City Solicitor and Mendon Town Counsel Robert Mangiarratti.

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