About MMLA

MMLA (formerly the City Solicitors & Town Counsel Association) is the municipal law bar association for Massachusetts.   MMLA has served Massachusetts cities and towns and has provided municipal law educational opportunities to its members and public officials since 1946. MMLA members consist of attorneys whose practice includes providing legal services to cities and towns or who otherwise devote a substantial portion of their practice to the advancement of municipal law.  This includes current and former City Solicitors, Town Counsels, their assistants, others who performed similar work under different titles and attorneys who represent other entities and deal in municipal law (such as county, state, federal, district and other government attorneys, insurance defense counsel and those who frequently serve as special counsel to municipalities).


What We Do:

Many, many different things. Among the activities of this bar association are:

  • Monthly meetings around the state with educational programs on municipal legal issues.
  • Publication of a Quarterly Journal of Municipal Law;
  • An Association Website, hosted by the Social Law Library;
  • An Association ListServ, hosted by the Social Law Library;
  • Maintaining a Muni-Doc Bank of municipal related documents, such as contracts, pleadings, briefs, opinions, research reports, forms, etc.;
  • Co-sponsorship with other organizations (Mass Bar, MCLE, Suffolk Law School, Mass Municipal Association, the Attorney General’s Office, etc.) of continuing legal education programs and other educational programs;
  • Sponsorship of in-depth seminars on municipal legal topics such as “Cable Licensing and Renewal Issues”, “Inter-municipal Agreements and Disagreements”, “Municipal Attorneys Guide to the Siting of Cell Towers and Telecommunication Systems”, “The Record on Public Records”,”The Life Cycle of Streets and Ways”, “Nuts and Bolts of Eminent Domain”, “Adult Business Regulation”, “Municipal Personnel Law”, “Municipal Contracts”, “Land Use and Environmental Law Update”, “Cable TV and Local Mandates Update”, “The Municipal Attorneys Guide to the ADA”, “The Municipal Attorneys Guide to Bankruptcy Issues”, “How to Hold an Error Free Hearing” and “The Guide to Dog Hearings”;
  • Amicus Curiae briefs;
  • Liaison activities between the municipal bar and other organizations, the courts and governmental entities;
  • Serving as a clearing house on matters of municipal law;
  • Providing assistance to municipal counsel on researching and resolving municipal legal issues;
  • and much more – all with the intent to serve the municipal attorney and help promote effective government through the advancement of municipal law

The MMLA ListServ: 

All members of MMLA are subscribed to the Association’s ListServ.  The List equips MMLA members to post inquiries or comments all any matter related to municipal law.  It provides an an opportunity to connect with fellow MMLA on important and timely issues in order to seek answers to municipal law questions or to provide answers or offer other perspectives on the topic of the threaded discussion . The List is designed as a true “open forum” rather than a “mediated forum“. Messages posted on the List are not deleted and discussion threads are not removed from the List once posted. Therefore, it is important for List subscribers to be mindful of this and to exercise discretion when posting an inquiry or comment on the List.

When actual matters rather than general discussion is the topic of a discussion thread, respectful consideration of co-counsel or opposing counsel who might also be an MMLA member or List subscriber is encouraged at all times. To that end, MMLA urges as a best practice avoiding representations and identifying information relating to actual cases in which other subscribers to the List may also be involved.  MMLA established the List for a collegial exchange of information amongst those seeking to post an inquiry and solicit information in an open, professional forum.