FY21 URRA and Ch. 70

The Administration, Senate and House agreed to hold FY21 URRA and Ch. 70 education aid harmless in light of the pandemic, agreeing to fund such accounts by at least the level allocated for FY20. Ch.70 education aid even received a slight increase of a total of $107mm. Attached hereto is the DLS spreadsheet that sets forth FY21 local aid levels by municipality. Click here for PDF of the local aid listing.

On a related note, the Legislature agreed to hold formal sessions through the balance of the calendar year irrespective of the traditional deadline of concluding formal sessions on July 31 of the second year of their bi-annual session (which would be today). This essentially means that the legislature can act on key policy matters after today, including pending FY21 capital spending plans, Housing Choice legislation, and so-called police reform proposals, beyond today’s customary deadline to conclude formal business and essentially “kill” any bills not enacted by that time.  –  [Matt Feher, Chair, MMLA Legislative Committee]

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