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(last updated 5/26/20)

From what you have shared with us on MMLA’s ListServ we have been able to identify and publicize information important to public sector attorneys and their municipal clients during this COVID-19 pandemic.  MMLA thanks all who have contributed to this effort.  Listed below are the contributions (through 5/26/20) from MMLA members and those joining us on our weekly open conference calls relating to COVID-19. We hope this has been a useful resource to all.  

[ Massachusetts Legislative Bill Tracker ]

Workplace:   COVID-19 Order No. 33 –  Governor Baker’s “Order Implementing a Phased Reopening of Workplaces and Imposing Workplace Safety Measures to Address COVID-19”  (5/18/20)   Also, click on this link to the Governor’s website with additional information and details on the reopening plan. (5/18/20)  See also  Guidance for Industries from the Governor’s Office.

Message from the Chief Justices:  A important message from the Chief Justices yesterday concluded with their praise and gratitude to court personnel, the bar, and the public for the patience shown and the progress made during these difficult times.  (Source:  BBO on behalf of the SJC  – 5.15.20) The Justices’ message concluded:

 “We recognize that the road we have traveled together in the last few months has often been rocky and at times riddled with unexpected potholes. But we also recognize that, if one had asked in February of this year whether we would be able in two months to transform our court system from one that almost invariably required in-person appearance to one that was almost invariably virtual, few would have imagined that it was possible or that we would be as far along as we are. The success we have achieved is the result of the remarkable dedication, imagination, resilience, and hard work of our judges, clerks, IT specialists, probation officers, facilities staff, and other court employees, aided by the equally remarkable advice, cooperation, and improvisations of the bar. In the coming months, we will need all of that, and more because, as challenging as it has been to close our courthouses, it will be even more challenging to reopen them. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done, and will continue to do, as we not only keep the wheels of justice spinning but also work to create a better spinning wheel.”  – Click here for full message.

Workplace:   The Gov is starting to roll out the reopening plan, in four phases.  Here’s advance notice of the types of precautions phase 1 businesses will need to have in place.    Source: Department of Public Health (DPH) and the COVID-19 Command Center.  Suggested by Alan Seewald.  (5/11/20)

MA-EOHED – FAQs on Essential Services:  COVID-19 Essential Services FAQs.  Updated: Monday, May 4, 2020.  A list of FAQs which address many of the submissions received by EOHED relating to “COVID-19 Essential Services” guidance associated with Governor Baker’s March 23, 2020 Emergency Order (which was updated and extended on March 31, 2020).  Suggested by Stephanie Williams. (5/6/20)

MA- DEP – FAQs:   COVID-19 Wetlands FAQs for Conservation Commissions and Applicants (5/5/20). Suggested by Susan Murphy.  (5/6/20)

Legislation:  The Senate Ways & Means Committee released S. 2673, An Act Relative to Municipal Governance During the COVID-19 Emergency.  Among other things, the legislation addresses school service contract issues purportedly arising re: GL c.41, s.56, and allowances for lowering quorum requirements and remote participation at Town Meeting.  The rewrite thereof, S.2680, was engrossed by the Senate earlier today.  Onto the House.  Submitted by Matt Feher.  (5/4/20)

Governor’s Executive Order No. 31 – Face CoveringsExecutive Order No. 31.  (5/1/20)

Land Use & Wetlands – Impacts of COVID-19 Rules Changes:  MMLA member Greg McGregor submitted the following useful information and links for us to share with you on this topic.  (5/1/20)

We bring to your attention a recent presentation that is available for MMLA members to watch online. Or you could ask some or all the speakers to repackage it (shorter) for an MMLA phone call. An online webinar April 22 for the Boston Bar Association (BBA) covered the COVID-19 rule changes which have impacted municipal land use and especially Conservation Commission and DEP wetland permitting, procedures, processes, timelines, and appeals. Speakers were Nathaniel Stevens, Esq. and Olympia Bowker, Esq. of McGregor & Legere, Amy Kwessell, Esq, of K-P Law, David Bragg, Senior Counsel at DEP, and Stephanie Moura, Director of DEP’s Wetlands and Waterways Division.  Attendees got an outline of all the provisions of the Municipal Relief Act, SJC Orders, and Governor’s Executive Orders, with citations and footnotes (ask us for it). The slide show hits the highlights of those statutes and orders with practical advice on filing wetland project applications, paying fees, conducting hearings, making decisions, signing them, issuing them recording them, and filing appeals of them to DEP or Court. To watch the seminar webcast, click here.

Workplace:  MMLA Executive Director Jim Lampke reports that MMLA member Jack Collins just issued a great new manual on “Bargaining Over Layoffs and Other COvid-19 Budget Reductions”, which he is making available to  us.  It is over 90 pages long.  Jack as you know is a prolific writer on municipal labor issues.  It is entitled:  THE MUNICIPAL MANAGER’S GUIDE TO BARGAINING AND OTHER COVID-19 BUDGET REDUCTIONS. (4/28/20)

Conservation Commission Functions During COVID-19: Luke Leger’s Article entitled: GUIDANCE FOR CONSERVATION COMMISSIONS CONDUCTING MEETINGS AND HEARINGS, AND DECIDING WETLAND MATTERS, DURING COVID-19 CRISIS  Suggested by Greg McGregor.  (4/29/20)

Analyzing “Public Purpose”:  Comments from Joe Callanan and David Shapiro on Analyzing Public Purpose Issues.  These comments were submitted following today’s MMLA weekly conference call that included discussion of this issue. (4/29/20)

PERAC – Delayed FY21 Appropriations: Memo from PERAC to Retirement Boards on delayed appropriations due to COVID-19.  Suggested by Karis North. (4/28/20)

Supreme Judicial Court – Updated Order. Among other things, the order continues all jury trials until at least July 1, continues most bench trials until at least June 1, tolls various deadlines through the end of May, and directs each trial court department to identify categories of non-emergency matters it will attempt to address virtually and post notice of those categories on the Courts’ COVID-19 webpage. The order is effective May 4, at which time it will repeal and replace the order issued on April 1. (4/27/20)

Legislation: An Act providing for virtual notarization to address challenges related to COVID-19. Signed into law April 27, 2020, the law permits notaries in the Commonwealth to notarize documents remotely with the assistance of electronic videoconferencing technology while Massachusetts remains under the COVID-19 state of emergency (the “Remote Notarization Act”). (4/27/20)

Superior Court Administrative Directive:  Today  Superior Court Chief Justice Judith Fabricant signed Superior Court Administrative Directive 20-1,  “Protocol Governing Actions to Enforce Isolation or Quarantine Orders Issued By State or Local Public Health Departments, based on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risks”  The Directive, in part, states:  “The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a communicable disease dangerous to the public health, and so DPH and local boards of health are authorized to issue isolation or quarantine orders based on risks of contagion of COVID-19.” Thanks to Tim Harrington for bringing this to our attention.  (4/24/20)

Legislation: Chapter 65, Acts of 2020 – An Act Providing for a Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures during the COVID-19 Emergency.(4/21/29)

Legislation: “A bill signed by Gov. Charlie Baker [4/17/20] extends liability protections to health care workers treating patients during the coronavirus pandemic. Baker, who filed the legislation, signed it into law Friday afternoon. The bill, S.2640, protects health care workers authorized to treat COVID-19 patients from lawsuits and civil liabilities over certain errors made in good faith, similar to protections that hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities have in place.” – Excerpt, State House News.   (4/18/20)

Goldstein v. Secretary of the Commonwealth (SJC): – Memo of Irie Mullin, significant relief for Sept 1 primary ballot access. Here is a link to Irie’s memo containing a link to the full text of the SJC decision.

Implementation of Chapter 53 Permitting Provisions:  Memo of Susan Murphy, Guidance for Implementation of Permitting Provisions of Chapter 53,  Acts of 2020.  Submitted by Susan Murphy, of Dain Torpy. Thanks to APA-MA / MAPD for whom Susan and Greg Corob (KPLaw) presented at its webinar earlier today representing MMLA (4/16/20)

H.4647 – Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures:   Text of H.4647 as reported by joint conference committee.  Suggested by Kenneth Rossetti.  (4/16/20)

Department of Developmental Services: Temporary Increases in Group Homes: Guidance for Temporary Increase in Group Home Capacity up to 8 Residents Per Group Home. Memo of Dan Walsh, Assistant Chief of Inspections Building- Engineering
Office of Public Safety and Inspections.  (4/13/20)  Suggested by Ellen Doucetts (4/16/20)

Attorney General Guidance:  AG’s Guidance on Local Authority Amid COVID-19:  Covering executive orders/local ordinances etc…. on  curfews/limiting social gatherings/face masks, open meetings, etc.  Submitted by Alicia Rebello-PradasChief, Policy & Government Division,Office of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.  (4/15/20)

DLS FAQs on Sections 10 and 11 of Chapter 53FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)
“AN ACT TO ADDRESS CHALLENGES FACED BY MUNICIPALITIES AND STATE AUTHORITIES RESULTING FROM COVID-19” Sections 10 AND 11 of Chapter 53 of the Acts of 2020.  “These FAQs provide answers to questions of municipal officials regarding sections 10 and 11 of “An Act To Address Challenges Faced by Municipalities and State Authorities Resulting from COVID-19”, c. 53 of the Acts of 2020, (the Act) signed by Governor Baker on April 3, 2020.”  Submitted by Patricia Hunt.  (4/15/20)

Families First Act: – Paid Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act; Correction – A Rule by the Wage and Hour Division on 04/10/2020 – Suggested by Jim Cosgrove.  (4/13/20)

Land Court – Emergency Business: – Interim Procedures for the Remote Processing of Subsequent Cases and Condominium Documents – Dated 4/10/20, Christina T. Geaney, Chief Title Examiner. Suggested by Jim Lampke.  (4/10/20)

“CARES” – Pandemic Unemployment Assistance:  Sample letter to employees.  Suggested by Jim Cosgrove:   (4/13/20)  [Note from Jim C:  I received, modified somewhat and have attached a sample letter which a national nonprofit association prepared for its member employers to send to employees concerning unemployment benefits under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (“PUA”) Act, thinking that with further modifications it might be helpful to MMLA members.]

School Districts and State Authorities Resulting from COVID-19″  Suggested by Ellen Doucette.  (4/10/20)

Chapter 53, Sec. 17Guidance to Town Clerk (Section 17) – Submitted by Susan Murphy.   (4/8/20)


DLS Bulletin 2020-3: Bulletin 2020-03 has been issued by DLS. Please review Bulletin for entire text. This Bulletin is an addendum to Bulletin 2020-2 and explains alternative procedures for notification to taxpayers when local options are exercised under sections 10 and 11 of St. 2020, c. 53, including extending property tax bill due dates or exemption filing application due dates. Instead of mailing notice to taxpayers, notification in Bulletin 2020-02 may be posted on official municipal website and other official electronic media.  Suggested by Ellen Doucette.  (4/7/20)

Construction: COVID-19 Order No. 13 –  MassDOT/DCAMM recently issued safety practice guidance.  See also: Supplemental Guidelines for Construction Sites.  Suggested by Chris Petrini  (4/7/20)

SJC Order on Electronic Signatures:   Text of Order dated April 6, 2020. (4/6/20)  Also, Link to Court Guidance  on COVID-19. (4/6/20)

Legislation Guidance – Chapter 53, Acts of 2020KP|Law eUpdates:  (1) Municipal Relief Legislation;  (2) Land Use Permit Extensions.  Submitted by Matt Feher.  (4/4/20)

DLS Guidance on Chapter 53DLS Bulletin BUL-2020-02This Bulletin provides guidance to local officials regarding changes in municipal finance laws included in An Act to Address Challenges Faced by Municipalities and State Authorities Resulting From COVID-19, Chapter 53 of the Acts of 2020, (the Act). Unless otherwise noted below, these changes became effective on April 3, 2020, upon Governor Baker’s signing the Act into law.  Suggested by Kathleen Colleary. (4/3/20)

ALERT:Governor signs Chapter 53, Acts of 2020, relating to “Challenges Faced by Municipalities and State Authorities.”  Bill Summary.  Suggested by Matt Feher. (4/3/20)   ALSO: From Bob Galvin – Summary of Chapter 53, and Memo to Public Officials.  Submitted by Bob Galvin.  (4/3/20)

Municipal Finance:   DLS Municipal Finance Resources and Legislative Update relating to the COVID-19 State of Emergency.  Suggested by Kathleen Colleary.  (4/3/20)

Court Emergency OrdersMemo from Kenneth Rossetti.  Links to the Orders issued by the Courts.  Submitted by Ken Rossetti. (4/3/20)

Legislation:   H and S enacted Muni COVID bill (H.4617), inclusive of language that MMLA worked hard to have included, tolling permits and other municipal approvals.  Now before the Governor for signature. Suggested by MMLA Legislative Committee Chair Matt Feher, whose diligence and efforts have been instrumental in this outcome.  (4/2/20: 8:00 PM)

Court OrdersMessage of Justice Ralph Gants, with link to the text of Court Order relating to period up to May 4th.  (4/1/20)

Key Federal and State Developments:  Memo of Tad Heuer of Foley, Hoag on:  COVID-19 Key Federal and State DevelopmentsUpdated through 4/3/20.  This version includes key updates on the municipal legislation (including permit tolling, town meetings, tax deadline extensions, and alcohol sales) that was passed last night and is awaiting the Governor’s signature, as well as a further municipal bill (on education provisions), and the Governor’s order closing state beaches to traffic and stationary recreation.   [Concise summary of CARES relating to local government;  and alerts including on education and transit (plus our comprehensive-but-readable summary of the whole Act.]  Submitted by Tad Heuer.   (4/3/20)

LegislationS.2622.  Most updated version of bill. (See bills cited below)

CARESMAPC Priorities – CARES Act: Federal Relief Package.  Summary of Bill Provisions.  Suggested by Ellen Doucette. (3/31/20)

Open Meeting Law:  Guidance from the Attorney General’s Division of Open  Government:  Temporary Modification of the Open Meeting Law’s Requirements.  (3/31/20)

LegislationH 4612, Amending S. 2619   Suggested by Dan Skrip (3/3020)

Legislation:  Senate passes  S.2619 – Challenges faced by municipalities – changes to H.4598.  (3.30/20)

Executive Order No. 17Order Suspending State Permit Deadlines and Extending Validity of State Permits.  Suggested by Crystal Barnews.  (3/30/20)

Emergency Responders & Health Care Providers:  DOL- Excerpts from Agency Q &A document.   Suggested by Amanda Kellar,IMLA.  (3.30.20)

Legislation:    House passes “H.4598 – An Act to address challenges faced by municipalities and state authorities resulting from COVID-19.” (3/27/20)

CARES UPDATESenate version as of 3/26/20. Suggested by Chuck Thompson, IMLA.  (3/26/20)

Governor’s Legal OfficeGuidance on Governor’s EO of 3/23/20 on Essential Services, Workplace Closings, Gatherings:  Construction Sites, Workers at All Public Work.   Suggested by Tad Heuer.  (3/25/20)

DOL Wage & Hour DivisionDOL Wage & Hour Division Required Poster.  Submitted by Jim Cosgrove.  (3/25/20)

Approval of Warrants:   DLS Memo on Approval of Warrants under G.L. c. 41, Sec. 56.  Suggested by Patricia Hunt.  (3/25/20)

Emergency Paid Sick & FMLA LeaveDOL Initial Guidance on How to Implement Emergency Paid Sick and Paid FMLA Leave.  Memo of Jeff Nowak of Litter Mendelson.  Suggested to Jim Cosgrove.  (3/25/20)

Governor’s Poposed Legislation:   Governor Baker’s Bill – House Docket No. 4974.-  Challenges Faced by Municipalities.  (3/24/20).  See Summary of bill. (3/24/2000)

Cannabis Control CommissionCease & Desist Order No. 2020AM-0001.  Licensed Marijuana Establishments, Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers conducting adult-use retail at non-colocated premises.   935 CMR 500.350.  Suggested by Jim Cosgrove (3/24/20)

Workplace:  AG’s Fair Labor Division FAQ on:  COVID-19 – Employee Rights and Employer Obligations (undated). Suggested by Kay Hodge.  (3/23/20)

Legislation:  H.4580 (formerly H.4572) – Text of bill addressing challenges in municipal governance resulting from COVID-19.  As reported out by Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government.  Suggested by Rebekah Lacey.  (3/23/20)

Elections:  S.2608 – .Summary of Bill as sent to the Governor.  Submitted Anthony Savastano.  (3/23/20)

Governor’s Emergency OrderALERT
Link to Emergency Services & Revised Gatherings Order – (3/23/20) …
Link to DPH’s Revised Guidance on Assemblages of More than 10 People (3/23/20)

Emergency Expenditures:  DLS ALERT –  DLS Bulletin 2020-1  Emergency Expenditures Relating to COVID-19.  DOR Division of Local Services.  Here is the full text of the bulletin: BUL-2020-1 (3/20/20) Submitted by Patricia Hunt.  (3/23/20)

Emergency Declaration: Town of Framingham.  Mayor’s Declaration of Emergency;  and  Press Release – Declaration of Local State of Emergency  Submitted by Chris Petrini (3/22/20)

FMLA & Sick Leave Mandates:  “Practical Issues for Employers in Navigating the New FMLA & Sick Leave Mandates” – Jeff Nowak, Lexblog.  Suggested by Jim Lampke (3/21/20)  [Note:  Free Webinar – This Tuesday, March 24, 2020 (11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. central time) Online registrationClick here.  On March 18, 2020, President Trump signed into law the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which aims to provide initial relief to American workers of certain covered employers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.]

Force Majeure:  “The Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses in Contracts” – Lawrence P. Rochefort and Meghan K. Boland (3/17/20) – Link suggested by Chuck Thompson, Executive Director of IMLA (3/20/20)

SJCOrder on Administration of Oaths via Remote Audio-Visual Equipment. OE-144. Suggested by Patty Correia (3/20/20)

Open Meeting LawGuidance from Attorney General’s Office on Website Posting – Carrie Benedon, AAG – (3/20/20)

Justice Gants On COVID-19:   Letter to the Bar by Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants.  (3/20/20)

Proposed LegislationMMLA Peter Mello’s Update on MMLA’s legislative efforts.  (3/19/20)

Appeals Court GuidelinesGuidelines and Procedures during COVID-19 – Suggested by Kenneth Rossetti  (3/19/20)

Elections:    Statement of Senate President Karen E. Spilka on elections – Suggested by Lauren Goldberg (3/19/20)

HIPPA: DPH Order 3/18/20 – Providing health information to first responders – Suggested by Nicole Taub (3/19/20)
Mass. Association of Health Boards Memo – Providing health information to first responders – Suggested by Karis North (3/19/20)

Proposed Legislation:  Emergency Health Hazard Duty – S.2602  and  H.4927  – Suggested by Melissa Murray, Lisa Adams of MMA (3/19/20)

Federal Legislation: –  H. R. 6201 – “Families First”  –  Suggested by Kate Feodoroff (3/19/20)
Families First Title-by-Title Summary – Suggested by Pete Haskel (Texas Municipal Lawyers Assn, IMLA) – (3/19/20)
National Law Review Summary of Families First – Link to Summary (3/19/20)
Emergency Sick Leave – Summary of Families First HR6201 – by Karen White, Louisiana Municipal Association – Suggested by Chris Petrini (3/20/19)

Procurement: – Public Construction Bidding and COVID-19 – Memo of Deb Anderson – Suggested by Joe Cook (3/19/20)

Legislative Initiatives:  MMLA’s Proposed Legislative Objectives  – Relating to tolling, statutory deadlines, constructive approvals, and related issues. – Submitted by Jim Lampke (3/18/20)

Workplace: Forcing an Employee who MAY have the Coronavirus to leave work – John M. (“Jack”) Collins .  NoteThis is a Memo prepared by Jack Collins for presentation to today’s MMLA Open Conference Call on COVID-19 and Labor Law issues. (3/18/20)

Elections:  BraintreeSuperior Court Order Authorizing Postponement of Special Town Election – Submitted by Nicole Taub (3/18/20)
Andover Superior Court Order Authorizing Postponement of Annual Election – Submitted by Tom Urbelis (3/18/20)
Wellesley  – (Complaint and Court Order Postponing Town Election) – Submitted by Donna Brewer (3/17/20)
Lauren Goldberg Memo on Elections (from MMLA ListServ) – Lauren Goldberg, KP|Law (3/18/20)
Anderson & Kreiger – Letter to Legislature & Proposed Legislation Re: Postponement of Elections – Submitted by Mina Makarious (3/18/20)

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services:  Bulletin – HIPPA and COVID-19 – Feb. 2020  – Suggested by Ellen Callahan Doucette (3/18/20)

Mass Department of Public Safety and InspectionsGuidance for Building Officials in dealing with COVID-19 – Suggested by Susan Murphy (3/18/20).

EMERGENCY MATTERS THAT CANNOT BE RESOLVED THROUGH A VIDEO CONFERENCE OR TELEPHONIC HEARING. – (Excerpt:  9. All statutes of limitations are tolled from the date of this Order through April 21, 2020. Unless otherwise ordered by the applicable court, all deadlines set forth in statutes or court rules, standing orders, or guidelines that would otherwise expire before April 21, 2020, are  extended to that date.)(Emphasis added) (3/17/20)

Emergency Declaration Form: Town of Hull: DRAFT Declaration of Emergency – Submitted by Jim Lampke (3/17/20) – Note: this has been proposed but is not yet adopted.

Workplace: – Labor Relations Aspects of COVID19 Virus – Memo from John M. (“Jack” ) Collins – (3/16/20)

Governor’s Proposed Legislation – Text and Governor’s Message – (3/16/20)

Governor Baker’s 3/15/20 Press Release – Emergency Actions Addressing COVID-19 – (with links to executive orders)

SUMMARY of the MARCH 11, 2020, CONFERENCE CALL (3/11/20)

AlcoholABCC Advisory Eff. 3/17/20

Public Gatherings etc:   Governor Baker’s Guidance – Assemblages of More than 250 (3/13/20) – with links to Executive Orders  (NoteSee Governor’s 3/15/20 Press Release link above changing 250 to 25 people)

Open Meeting Law:   Governor Baker’s Executive Order Relating to Remote Participation by Members of Governmental Bodies (3/12/20)

Open Meeting LawDOR’s Division of Local  Services – Announcement of Governor’s 3/12/20 Executive Order (3/12/20)

Open Meeting LawAG’s Division of Open  Government Update – on Governor’s Executive Order (3/12/20)

Disaster Emergency Response Generally:  Emergency Disaster Program Paper (IMLA) – James B. Lampke (2012)

Disaster Emergency ResponseKP-Law Alert with Links – Submitted by Matt Feher (3/16/20)

Emergency Declarations, Liquor Bans, and Curfews: Town of Hull Links – Submitted by Jim Lampke (3/13/20)

Elections:  An Act Relative to Election Emergencies – Michelle K. Tassinari, Legal Counsel to the Secretary of State’s Election Division – (3/10/20)

Boards of Health:  Duties of Local Boards of Health in Massachusetts (Massachusetts Association of Health Boards) – Suggested by Robert W. Galvin

SchoolsStudent Health Records and Information (Memo from the U. S. Dept. of Education) – Suggested by Suzanne Egan

SchoolsDESE – the 180-day school year requirement

Health Information PrivacyHealth & Human Services Memo 1 (from U. S. Health & Human Services) – Suggested by Suzanne Egan

Health Information Privacy: Health & Human Services Memo 2 (from U. S. Health & Human Services) – Suggested by Suzanne Egan

WorkplaceStrategies in Dealing with COVID-19 in the Workplace (Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane) – Submitted by Karis North

WorkplacePandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the ADA  (CDC)

WorkplaceFom EEOC – What Employers Should Know about Coronavirus and ADA and the Rehabilitation Act (3/16/20) – Suggested by IMLA

ProcurementBulletin from the Inspector General – Emergency Procurement (see Page 3) (2015)

Procurement:  On-Line Procurement Guidance from AG (2012) – Submitted by Joe Cook

Municipal OperationsCOVID-19 and Municipal Operations – UPDATED – (Miyares Harringt0n) (3/19/20) – Submitted by Donna Brewer

SJCOrder – Empanelment of Juries – Submitted by Brandon Moss (3/13/20)
SCJOrder – Access to State Courthouses – Submitted by Brandon Moss (3/13/20)

Collective BargainingCollective Bargaining Implications of the Coronavirus – Long & DiPietro (3/12/20) – Submitted by Jim Cosgrove



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