KeywordsPublic Employment, Retirement benefits. Municipal Corporations, Insurance, Allocation of insurance premiums, Town meeting, Warrant for town meeting. Statute, Construction.

In this case the SJC discusses “whether the town’s adoption of G. L. c. 32B, § 9A, obligated it to contribute toward the premiums associated with retirees’ dependents; and second, if G. L. c. 32B, § 9A, is interpreted to include these premiums, whether it effectively was adopted at the town meeting on April 24, 2004. . . .       We hold that by adopting G. L. c. 32B, § 9A, the town was required to cover fifty percent of the premiums for both retirees and the retirees’ dependents.  We further hold that the town successfully adopted G. L. c. 32B, § 9A, at the town meeting held on April 24, 2004.”  The plaintiff prevailed at Superior Court, and the SJC affirmed.

Click here for the full text of the SJC’s decision.

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