Appeals Court: JAMES CUTICCHIA et al. v. TOWN OF ANDOVER et al.

KeywordsMunicipal Corporations, Group insurance. Insurance, Group, Premiums. Public Employment, Retirement benefits. Retirement. Statute, Construction. Practice, Civil, Summary judgment.

[Excerpt] “In 2016, the town of Andover increased the percentage share that retired town employees had to pay for their health insurance.  Three retired town employees brought this action alleging that G. L. c. 32B, § 22 (e), prohibited the town from implementing such increases prior to July 1, 2018.[3]  On cross motions for summary judgment, a Superior Court judge ruled that the language of § 22 (e) unambiguously supported the town’s position that the increases were lawful.  For the reasons that follow, we vacate the judgment.” Click here for the full text of the Appeals Court’s Decision.

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