Appeals Court: Michael Dell’Isola vs. State Board of Retirement

KeywordsRetirement. Public Employment, Forfeiture of pension. Correction Officer

“Michael Dell’Isola was a correction officer when he committed the crime of possession of cocaine.  The State Retirement Board (board) subsequently conducted a hearing and made factual findings that Dell’Isola came into possession of the cocaine only as a result of an arrangement with an inmate who had been in his custody and who at the time remained in the custody of the Middlesex County sheriff’s office.  This case thus requires us to consider whether, pursuant to G. L. c. 32, § 15(4), Dell’Isola’s conviction requires forfeiture of his retirement allowance. General Laws c. 32, § 15(4), inserted by St. 1987, c. 697, § 47, provides that “[i]n no event shall any member [of the State employees’ retirement system] after final conviction of a criminal offense involving violation of the laws applicable to his office or position, be entitled to receive a retirement allowance.”  Because how Dell’Isola came into possession of the cocaine was factually linked to his position as a correction officer, we hold that his criminal offense falls within the purview of § 15(4) and he is ineligible to receive a retirement allowance.”  For the full text of the decision, click on the following link:  MICHAEL DELL’ISOLA vs. STATE RETIREMENT BOARD

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