Appeals Court: Worcester Regional Retirement Board vs. Contributory Retirement Appeal Board

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The Appeals Court today issued its decision in Worcester Regional Retirement Board v Contributory Retirement Appeal Board in which it affirmed a CRAB decision.  CRAB “require[ed] the WRRB to permit a former member to purchase nine additional months of creditable service. At issue is whether the WRRB is responsible for not having enrolled the employee, Brian Pierce, as of the day he became eligible for membership, or whether Pierce had an affirmative obligation to ensure that he had been enrolled as of his start date.  CRAB determined that the responsibility lay with the WRRB, not the employee; that the retirement system records should be corrected to reflect Pierce’s nine months of uncredited membership; and that Pierce should be permitted to buy back the time of which he had erroneously been deprived.  Discerning no legal error or abuse of discretion on CRAB’s part, we affirm.”  For the full text of the decision click on:  Worcester Regional Retirement Board v Contributory Retirement Appeal Board.

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