Association Now a Non-Profit Corporation – Name Changed to “Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association” (“MMLA”)

As of July 1, 2013, the City Solicitors & Town Counsel, Association (CSTCA) has completed a re-organization, incorporating as a non-profit corporation under General Laws Chapter 180 under the corporate name of Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association, Inc. (MMLA).  This completes a seamless transition following plans approved by the Association’s membership at its last annual meeting.  At the meeting, the membership elected a slate of officers and directors who will serve in that capacity during the Association’s first corporate year.  The Association also voted substantial changes to its by-laws to reflect the reorganization and name change.  But in all other respects, the activities and programs of the Association will continue as in the past in the furtherance of MMLA’s continuing mission to facilitate the highest quality legal services to our state’s cities and towns. This includes the filing of amicus briefs in our appellate courts in cases in which the interests of our cities and towns are implicated, and conducting legal educational programs for its members and local public officials throughout the year.

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