New CSTCA Website Goes Live!

As of today, this website has moved to a new platform at Social Law Library, our “website host.” Designed as a more contemporary website interface than its predecessor, our experts at Social Law Libary – Stephanie Bahl and Brian Flynn – have guided us through the transitional phase. At yesterday’s CSTCA half-day seminar in Sturbridge, Stephanie and Brian walked those attending the program on how to log-on and navigate the new site. Subtantively, much of the content of our old site have been continued, and new features have been added intended to make the website more user friendly and subtantively up to date.  The User ID and PW for the new site is the same as the old site;  but the “forgot your password link” on the new site will cause your password to be emailed to you.  Any member needing assistance can send an email to:  Website Administrator  Finally, members are now able to update their own member profile and add a photo by clicking on “Edit Your Profile” on the member’s area landing page. 

At the CSTCA half-day program in Sturbridge, Social Law Library website consultant Stephanie Bahl walked the members present through the log-on and navigations procedures.