MMLA News & Notes:

Save the Date . . . December 6th! – A dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to these days. That’s no less true for local governments facing necessary capital projects with ever decreasing financial resources.  Everyone – including our cities and towns – could use “a little help from our friends.”  Come hear how a “P3” might well become such a friend to municipalities. Visit “Upcoming Events” for program details.

Farmer Wineries & Craft Brewing Licenses  (10.27.17) – Our Association held a very informative regular monthly program at John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House Framingham on October 26th. Attorneys Ivria Fried and Jessica Burgess joined ABCC Executive Director Ralph Sacramone is a very interactive discussion of  the scope and implementation of local regulatory authority in light of recent changes in the law governing alcohol sales.  MMLA program. 

Holy Cross Marijuana Conference (10.6.17) – See the MMLA Photo Gallery which now has a series of pictures taken at the October 3rd half-day conference at Holy Cross. Visit Photo Gallery.  Nearly 150 public officials and others attended the conference.

Career Opportunity (10.4.17) – The Office of the Inspector General has posted the position of “Associate Counsel/Instructor” in the Career Opportunities section of this website.  It is open through November 4, 2017.

Marijuana Conference Program Materials (10.4.17)  – The program materials for the 10/3/17 conference at Holy Cross have been updated, and are now available to those who attended the event.  Registered attendees may access the materials using the URL and PW provided.

Smith v. City of Westfield (10.4.17) – MMLA member Greg McGregor, who filed a brief in this case, offers his comments on the SJC decision.  See Case posting below.

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