Appeals Court: Commonwealth vs. Michael W. O’Donnell – Administrative Warrant

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The Appeals Court decision today in Commonwealth v. Michael W. O’Donnell dealt with the limits of an “administrative inspection” and the circumstances in which a search warrant or administrative inspection warrant is required.

Scope of the search pursuant to administrative inspection warrant.  “The defendant asserts the town exceeded the scope of a permissible administrative inspection under the warrant when the building commissioner, board of health agent, and electrical inspector entered the property and conducted a criminal investigation.  We agree, as to the impermissible scope of the investigation. . . .  An administrative inspector may enter a property without the consent of the occupant only after first securing either a search warrant or an administrative inspection warrant.  . . .   These two types of warrant differ greatly.”  For the full text of the decision, click on: Commonwealth v. Michael W. O’Donnell

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